About Us

Jobok.in is a web based platform that connects Recruiters and Jobseekers via the 'JobOK' app. The app allows the Jobseekers to see different Job Openings, Career Help and Open Admission Info advise. The Recruiters can benefit from having their Job Opening publicised to the many users of the JobOK app. Since all Recruiters and Jobseekers are together on a single platform, the talented and hard working and those who ensure the best quality of million dreams into reality. In the future, the app will increase its functionality so that both Recruiters and Jobseekers can communicate seamlessly via the app itself.

Established in the year 2010, Jobok web portal is managed and owned by Delvetech Software Pvt. Ltd, chief name in the kingdom of web portal development, web designing, e-commerce expertise solutions and mobile apps. Supported by an unbeatable experience and deftness, DelveTech has engraved its indelible name in India.

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